Thursday, November 27, 2014

Early morning wake up craft

Little Lady woke up very early this morning. And by early I mean 5 o'clock early. This is so unusual that I had no idea how we would pass the time until all the Thanksgiving activities begin.

So what did we end up doing?

Crafting of course.

I quickly made a little sorting toy to capture her attention for a little while. It is made out of an old coffee can and some wooden tokens. 

Then I worked on making her headband to wear today and cutting out some felt ornaments and lights for her Christmas tree that I have been working on.

Note the dog hair already accumulating on the felt tree. Story of my life. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Crafting on the car

Yup. The Liytle Lady fell asleep in the back seat on the way back from the grocery store this morning. At this age she will wake up if I try to move her. 

Solution: bring naptime craft materials outside. 

Check back soon to see the Christmas craft I'm making for the Little Lady to play with!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

A new perspective on Halloween

Being an October baby myself I grew up celebrating Halloween with an intense enthusiasm. All of my parties were Halloween themed. By middle school I was taking a huge group of friends an hour away to adventure through a haunted house/corn maze etc. This is in stark contrast to my husband who dressed up in costumes to attend "Reformation Day" at church. 

Now that we have an October baby ourselves, I tried to tone it down a little, but I couldn't resist sticking with a Halloween theme. {Check out photos here!}

No matter how you celebrate {or don't}, I think Halloween can still serve a greater purpose. One of the best blog posts I've ever read about how Christians can still serve their community on Halloween can be found here.

To sum up Troubleface Mom's post...

"Turn your light on. Lots of lights. A city on a hill cannot be hidden right? Be a city on a hill. Halloween may not be “redeemed” but you are. So open your door and smile."

I'll still be out ringing on a few doors trick-or-treating {with my daughter of course...I'm not dressing up}. But for all of you who are thinking about turning off the lights and pretending to not be home? Maybe check out this post first. 

And Happy Halloween!

{Here's a sneak peak of Little Lady's costume}

31 Days of Toys: Plan Toys Water Blocks

So today is the final day of my 31 Days of Developmental Toy Series. Be sure to check out the other featured toys if you missed it.

And Happy Halloween! Another post about Halloween later...

To finish off this series I'm going to talk about a really neat and different set of blocks by Plan Toys.
Aren't they beautiful? And fascinating. The various colors and water are perfect for catching the light. 

These would be an awesome addition to your block collection!

Check out the other toys featured on my series "31 Days of Developmental Toys"

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

31 Days of Toys: Skip Hop Dunks

Here's a favorite bath toy of ours, the Skip Hop Dunks

These awesome duck-shaped scoops are so much fun for water play. You can scoop water, pour, push them around, and best of all they don't collect mold like the squirt toys.

One of Little Lady's favorite things to do with them right now is stick them under the faucet and then try to drink the water. We love these!

Check out the other toys featured on my series "31 Days of Developmental Toys"

*All opinions are my own. I was not compensated or asked to write this post. There are NO affiliate links. Images via,, and*

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Daycare Stories: The White Shirt

I may have been the parent who dressed their kid without considering the menu this morning. I never really think about what Little Lady might be eating at school and whether or not that is going to create a mess when it comes to laundry. 

Maybe I should...

I sent her to school today in a beautiful white blouse.

Too bad it was BBQ day. 

Thank goodness for bleach. I'm going to need it.